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Published on
Nov 10, 2021

The young scientists and engineers of the Parallax team have varying areas of expertise and are accustomed to working solo within academia and on mission critical projects led by government clients. As a result, they excelled at talking about their specific body of knowledge and ideating novel solutions within those specific bodies of knowledge but fell short when it came to connecting the dots between the client’s critical mission issues and the broader business solutions Parallax offers.

Dennis Andersh, CEO and President, set out to transform Parallax into one of the most collaborative and innovative research corporations in the country. His vision is to connect the right people with the right skill sets to develop a pathway to the best solutions that address the most pressing government and industry needs.

Like team sports, industry and academia are team-oriented sectors. His players needed to master the game. Dennis and the leadership team chose the ValueSelling Framework® as a structured approach to boost conversational skills and build better working relationships.